How to check how many sims registered on my name

So, especially those cellular users who have bought during 2005-2010 (as no particular SIM registration method was available at that time) can simply know the owner name of their prepaid or postpaid SIM of any network. SimsPK exclusively provides its readers with the information that how to check and find out the owner name of SIM card.

23 Sep 2019 Service is named as 'My Number'. It allows you to check all SIM/s that a particular ID has on. You will be able to see a list of numbers and the  28 May 2019 SIM registration policies, but these generally fall into one of the following three categories, as not always available and in many cases has been carefully identity and registering for mobile services in their own name. Key insights. and subscribers to check on the number of SIMs associated with an 

However, I am aware that there is a limit on how many prepaid cards you can have registered against your passport (I am from overseas). I did not know this previously, and as a frequent visitor to Singapore, I used to just buy a new SIM card each time I was in Singapore. How can I check the number of SIMs I have registered? CHECK HOW MANY SIM CARDS ON IQAMA - KSAEXPATS.COM Jun 19, 2019 · The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has launched a beneficial online service called “My Number Service” for Expatriates and Citizens. The new service allows you to check how many SIM cards are registered on Iqama number in Saudi Arabia. You will be able to see the full list of your mobile numbers registered on Iqama. Check How Many Sim's are registered on your CNIC | HowPk

I will wait now for any feedback over the next 24 hours before doing any more work on the article. Any thoughts? PeterEastern (talk) 20:58, 9 April 2012 (UTC) My suggestion is that the generalist reader (being such) has no idea nor does he care about the hull number and instead remembers the type of ship at which he's looking ("aircraft carrier" and etc.). I haven't reviewed all of the material…

31 Dec 2019 Now you can check the Zain, Mobily and STC numbers of Saudi Sim Cards There are two ways to check the mobile numbers and SIM cards registered under your name. How can I check how many SIMs on my name?

MCMC is the regulator for the converging communications and multimedia enable user to check and verify any SIM cards registered under their identifications. Find out how many sim card issued by my voter card. Step 1: Dial *200# to check your SIM card profile information. Step 2: If If you want to go Metfone Showroom to register your information. You need to In the case of Government agency ID, it must also have Ministry Name & Ministry Stamp. Back to homepage. Have a problem or a question concerning your SIM registration? Confirm your identity in a few steps and register I bought my SIM with an Orange device associated. IMEI Number. Title. Mr. Mrs. First Name. Last Name. 24 Jan 2018 In December, I was reminded about the need to register my SIM cards through Information required included my name, address, sex, and date of birth. Nonetheless, many people live a long way from retail outlets and thus they must I'd welcome some input, if any reader has this technical know-how. Importantly, he moves away from the dichotomies that define much of the literature To illustrate, the purchase of a SIM card registered under a false name may not be they are less likely to know about or be able to travel for SIM registration.

Registration of new SIM cards belonging to new/existing customers: The documents Can I activate more than 10 Prepaid lines under my ID? Unfortunately, no. 26 Feb 2015 If the SIM is registered in my name why the hell do i want to know it anyway. send your cnic to 668 and find out how many sims are issued on  25 Sep 2019 To check and know the SIM registered name in Nepal Telecom NTC, and after that the registered name for the SIM card will be displayed.

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How Many SIM Registered on My Name in Pakistan - Apr 19, 2014 · Number of SIM: Only Five SIMS will issued against one CNIC number in Pakistan. Click on me and get how many SIM are issued against your CNIC number. When you click on this lick then you can get one page on that page you just put your CNIC number and get how much SIM are registered against you CNIC number. Check How Many SIM Registered Under Your/Any National ID Apr 26, 2019 · Check How Many SIM Registered Under Your/Any National ID (NID) Or Check Your SIM Registered Under Which National ID (NID) Important Info. Maximum/Total 15 SIM(s) of Any Operator can be registered under 1 NID. Extra SIM(s) Will be disable After 28 February,2018. To Avoid this, Go to customer care and disable extra sim. How many Sims issued on your NADRA CNIC? - INCPAK Sep 17, 2013 · Enter your CNIC Number and will tell you accurate number of SIMS issued on your CNIC . If the number of SIM Cards are more than you are using, Kindly contact the Customer Service Center of the Respective Cellular Company.